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When the outside world dips its toe into our lives, sometimes the ripples are impossible to ignore. Even by a procrastinating blogger whose usual writing style tries to be humorous, sometimes veers perilously close to becoming a rant, but is seldom sad. But today 'Walking the Dog' is sad. And the outside world cannot be ignored. Punctuating our collective timeline are events that are recalled with the questions - "Where were you when ...?" and "Do you remember what you were doing when ...?" This week another of these shocking, world-stopping moments occurred, when to the list of Lennon, King and Kennedy was added the name Charlie. All shot. All killed. It is impossible to understand why this happened. To do so would be to look into the mind of a monster and come out thinking like him. I don't know about you, but I crave a world where respect and acceptance are the pillars of theism. Where we are taught not to believe in one God, but to accept