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Wedding anniversary and artistry

A day of sunshine (yeah!!!), light showers (L!!) and art galleries

Following the Gaugin trail through the Bois de L’Amour

Tres appropriate given the day

Littlest goes off piste as per usual

Flowers around here are given the art gallery treatment

After coffee, chocolat-chaud, or ice creams, we wander from one art gallery to another. Littlest trots in – chooses a favourite, waits to show us all which it is and then happily trots back out and on to the next gallery, probably next door. We on the other hand, trot in, choose favourite(s), realise we can’t afford any of them and sadly trot back out again and on to the next gallery, ever hopeful that we might stumble upon an up and coming artist whose work is cheaper. Were we rich of pocket however, I suspect the dilemma might have been more difficult – there were a couple of galleries where it would have been hard to know where to start, such was the quality of the paintings: check out - very pleasant, genial man, who chatted to the girls in French, wished them luck in exams, understood our lack of funds but appeared to appreciate that we entered his gallery with children who took time to look at his paintings, pointed out the bits they liked and lingered, and incidentally is an artist who paints the most sublime scenes with a remarkably beautiful quality of light.

Anyway, enough plugging of an artist I don’t even know, there are lots of others, of variable quality it must be said, but visiting all their galleries makes for a very enjoyable afternoon.

And it is a pretty place too

To round off a good day, we sat outside, in fading sunshine and celebrated 23 years

Amazing what you can do with a bit of melon, some ham and a nectarine


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